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TimeClock Plus


TimeClock Plus feature real-time time and attendance tracking. Employees can clock in and out using pin entry, card swipe and biometric time clocks. Employees can also clock in and out by calling a phone number, or at their computer.

The TimeClock Scheduler allows managers to create, edit and view employees individual schedules, or complete weekly schedules. Schedules are used by TimeClock Manager to track tardies and absences. TimeClock gives managers access to daily administrative functions, editing hours, adding or editing employees, and generating labor reports.

The Who's Here feature provides a snap shot of employees clocked in and out of there departments and locations. When the Who's Here is combined with the Scheduler a list of abstentees is displayed at a glance.

TimeClock Plus Who's Here

With TimeClock Manager, employee hours can easily be transferred to Sage 100 ERP payroll using the payroll interface. Additionaly, export the Job Costing labor hours information to SAGE 100 ERP to eliminate dual entry and improve the accuracy of Job Costing information.

To learn more, download the TimeClock Plus Job Costing Module brochure


TimeClock Plus is available in five editions to meet your particular business requirements.

To learn more, download the TimeClock Plus brochure