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Sage CRM

Formerly SageCRM

Customer Relationship Management


Sage CRM is a robust and easy to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that improves customer satisfaction, increases productivity and enables collaboration among staff. Sage CRM integrated with Sage 100 ERP provides a detailed view of customers needs and easy conversion of prospects to customers.

Benefits of Sage CRM

Sales Force Automation

Sage CRM uses automated workflows and pipeline management to increase productivity and performance. Sales activities are maximized through the customizable and interactive dashboard giving you access from your desktop or mobile device to opportunities, leads, calendar, contacts and much more.

Marketing Automation

With Sage CRM your staff is enabled to build effective campaigns based on customer information from Sage 100 ERP such as buying trends, products purchased and target markets. Sage CRM marketing tool you can design promotions that result in more and better quality leads. With the Sage CRM analytics tools, you are able to analyze conversion rates and calculate your ROI.

Customer Service

With Sage CRM you customer service staff can access complete customer information from both Sage CRM and Sage 100 ERP providing them all the information necessary to make the best informed decisions to resolve customer problems. Your staff can easily view order status, past service notes, invoices, payment history, credit status and more enabling them to deliver excellent customer service.

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